Easy Design Solutions Teams Up with Potomac Soccer Association

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The Transfer from Client to Partner



As Easy Design Solutions prepares to launch a new website for the Potomac Soccer Association, Claudia Chaudhari, the president of EDS has decided to swap out their company/client relationship for a promising partnership. 

“Since creating EDS, it was always a goal of mine for the company to become involved in the community,” Claudia Chaudhari said. “The ability to give back is the greatest gift.”

When approached by the Potomac Soccer Association for a website revamp, Chaudhari knew this was her chance to give back. While PSA reinvented the upcoming soccer season with contactless practices and socially distanced games, EDS planned to organize safe events to keep up the morale of those involved. 

“These kids, they are so tough on the field,” Chaudhari said. “When they play there’s a certain passion to it. To have that at such a young age, you can’t help but admire it. Why wouldn’t I want to help boost such a club?”


The change to a partnership came with Chaudhari’s realization that PSA’s website revamp would occur during unprecedented times. Covid-19 proved to be a persistent disruption to their playing season and recruitment process despite efforts from PSA’s devoted leadership. 


“I’m just so grateful and thankful to have this partnership come to fruition after being unsure that the season would even happen,” said Laurie Lane, the executive director of PSA. “EDS has made us feel that our success is their success.”


The PSA players will be sporting jerseys that incorporate the EDS logo, amongst other significant sponsors this season, as a show of this newfound partnership.

Easy Design Solutions has been up and running for two years and has already gained significant popularity amongst home design and construction companies. With the 2019-2020 “Influencer Award” from the International Association of Women under her belt, Chaudhari felt it was only right that she put her recognized talents to use in her own community.



Easy Design Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency that provides custom-tailored marketing and web design services, to businesses looking to reach their target customer through online advertising. EDS was founded by Claudia Chaudhari in 2018.

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