Home Builder Marketing 101: 8 Tips to Boost Your Sales

If you’re in the business of new construction, marketing can sometimes get lost in the shuffle when it comes to your list of priorities.

To garner more sales and reach more potential customers, it’s crucial to evaluate your home builder marketing strategy.

Read on for some helpful tips to boost your sales for a better bottom line and a larger, more accurate customer outreach.

1. Design Your Website for Conversions

One of the best methods of marketing for home builders is to create an interactive construction website for new homes. When customers can experience a virtual walkthrough online, they’ll get a much clearer vision of your style of homes and quality of work.

The idea is to create a website that gets conversions. Turning views into solid sales can make a massive impact on your marketing dollars, and your website should be the first place to focus most of your marketing efforts. Use SEO keywords and exceptional content that draws potential buyers in and keeps them interested in what you have to offer.

2. Utilize Digital Home Builder Marketing Through Social Media and Google Ads

Social media is inexpensive, yet it has quite a massive reach. Staying engaged with consumers will keep them interested in your properties and it shows that you care about the customer experience.

When it comes to marketing for home builders, you need to establish a strong social media presence across a variety of platforms. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, these accounts can expand your marketing by leaps and bounds while fostering a strong bond with customers.

Google Ads can also be invaluable for your home builder marketing strategy. This paid advertising service will greatly increase your audience, and you can link it back to your website for maximum benefits.

3. Focus on List Building

People searching for a new construction home might be on the fence about which builder they choose. Through list building, you can create a comprehensive database of potential customers, and use your marketing to showcase your skills and talent.

Create a list for email subscribers so you’re able to remind people about your company on a regular basis. Updating communication frequently will ensure that potential customers always know you’re there and ready to fulfill their housing needs.

4. Ensure Your Emails are Well-Written

Once you have a substantial email subscriber list in place, it’s time to get down to business. Set up automated emails on a schedule so customers know when to expect the latest updates. Whether it’s once a month or every Wednesday, email automation makes it easy to practice good builder marketing.

In addition to the automation, your emails should be well-written and packed with useful content. Update your emails with fresh articles and engaging content that keeps your readers interested in what you have to say. It’s also important to write your emails well since this shows that you’re a knowledgeable expert within your field.

5. Stay Focused on the Right Demographics

You’re not likely to clinch a sale from people who already love their current home. In order to make your home builder marketing plan work for you, it’s crucial to make sure you’re reaching out to the correct customer base.

It’s never good to waste money, time, and resources on marketing to the wrong people. Focus on re-targeting strategies that will ensure you’re getting information out to people who are actually looking for a new construction home.

This doesn’t mean that you should only market to those looking for a new home. In many cases, someone may refer you to a person they know who happens to be in the market for a new build. You can hone in on your demographics through networking and communicating with others in your local community.

6. Make Everything Visually Appealing

A new construction home should be flawless, so your marketing photos should be, too. Consider hiring a professional photographer who can make every room of the houses you sell look stunning.

Most people look at the optics first when it comes to making a major purchase, so the first impression you make is key. Whether it’s graphic design, staging, or logos, everything on your website, social media accounts, and print material needs to be perfect for the best results.

7. Make Things Easy for Customers

For a flawless home builder marketing experience, your customers need to be able to access things quickly and easily. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and that it includes a search bar for quick results.

Always include your contact information on every page so people can reach your office as quickly as possible. Include clear information about every home including pricing, location, and square footage. When you make things easy for your customers, they’re much more prone to consider you when they go to buy a home.

8. Integrate New Technology

A virtual tour of your homes is an excellent way to entice buyers, but there are also other excellent technologies in real estate that can be beneficial to your marketing plan. Use this new tech to your advantage when building your website and product catalog.

Aerial drone photography is a great way to showcase your homes from a bird’s eye view. Consider architectural 3D renderings of your homes to really pull customers in and give them an accurate vision of what your homes are truly like.

Make Your Marketing Work for You

If you’re ready to boost your sales, consider some of these home builder marketing strategies. From 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs to social media interaction, you can improve your customer outreach with the right marketing in place.

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