Must-Know Digital Marketing Hacks to Help You Save Time While Increasing Sales

Every web entrepreneur or digital marketing freelancer aims to target and attract traffic to their sites, generate good leads, and boost sales. Such activities that foster business growth can be carried out with an effective digital marketing strategy. The most effective tactics will help save you valuable time and resources. So if you’re looking to fill certain knowledge gaps when it comes to digital marketing, check out the hacks below!

  • Develop robust email marketing

You’ve collected lead information from your site, and now it’s time to nurture them. You can do this by developing automated workflows by mapping out your buyers’ journey. Such automation can save you a lot of time and effort. Once you’ve done that, you’ll now be able to align your email marketing with it. 

However, ensure that the content is positioned around your leads lifecycle stages. Keep track of the things that drive engagement by enabling lead scoring. You gain valuable insights into what causes movement from a lifecycle stage to another. Also, be sure to test out various subject lines and copy.

  • Create high-quality content for digital marketing

You must ensure that the content you create is one that adds value to your audience. If not, then it won’t be effective in generating leads, increasing awareness and sales. Let your topics and tips be actionable and relevant to your readers. Don’t expect the content you create to gain attention immediately.

It could take time before that happens, so it would be best to focus on long term goals. You can leverage all sorts of different content types. Some of them include infographics, blogging, guides and eBooks.

  • Run social ads

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great for generating leads and driving sales. So it is a brilliant idea to leverage these platforms for advertising your products or services. Social ads allow you to test many creatives and messages, narrow down specific personas, and collect data. You should link your social ads to their landing pages and ensure the copy from the ad matches the landing page.

Furthermore, you must take advantage of your content assets for more leads. Ensure that your messaging provides clear answers to problems. And of course, give your social page a stunning look by designing a beautiful brand logo and uploading it on your profile. For a free branding solution try this app.

  • Take on a growth hacking approach. 

This approach requires you to test almost everything in order to gain insights into what triggers a lead’s interest to make a purchase. Although this requires some effort upfront it will save you time in the long run. Growth hacking approach can be applied to all your digital marketing plans. For instance, you can personalize emails and personas per segment. You may also develop your blog posts into multiple content clusters and find out the most effective when it comes to driving leads and generating sales.

  • Host webinars

Webinars can be a very effective digital marketing strategy. It certainly is one of the best ways to generate leads. Try organizing interviews with some of your customers. You can also invite guest speakers to co-host your webinars. 

Content creation for your webinars is similar to that of blog topics. You must research and select the right topic. Develop a good promotion plan for your webinar. You can also send promotional emails and reminders.


Your digital marketing strategy can help you grow your business effectively if you understand certain things. You must determine the tactics that provide the best return on investment (ROI). Find out the channels that generate high-quality leads and the best ways to better your buyers’ experience. Once you have all these in mind, implementing the best digital marketing strategy will become less time-consuming.

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