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When you build a new home or a building, it’s essential to lay a solid foundation first. It turns out, the same is true when marketing your business.

And yet, so many builders and construction companies miss opportunities by overlooking digital marketing. And of those who do, many just throw money away on poorly planned or executed campaigns. 

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Success

How Can Google Ads Help Sell More Homes

A combination of optimized Google Ads and a flawless sales process can increase business revenue by at least 30% and can cut marketing costs in half for an average home builder.

The average Google Ads account wastes as much as 76% of their budget by spending on the wrong search terms.

Advertising Budget Waste
0 %
Ad Budget Waste 76%
Does that sound like a good use of your ad budget? We certainly don’t think so.

Get A Smarter Strategy

If you’re ready to invest in a smarter Google Ads strategy, we can help. We’re Easy Design Solutions, a certified Google Partner. We work with home builders, real estate developers and construction companies to build profitable, cost-effective Google AdWords and digital marketing campaigns.

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How One Builder got a 30% Lift in Sales

Increase in Home Sales in 4 Months
0 %
Average Leads Per Month
Average Home Sales Price
$ 300 K

We could tell you how great we are at driving sales for our clients. But sometimes it’s better to show you.

The Challenge

One builder we worked with was trying to sell a community of 55+ pre-construction homes. Unfortunately, things weren’t moving as fast as they wanted. 

That’s when they turned to Easy Design Solutions to help boost their sales.

The Solution

We designed a custom landing page with an opt-in for visitors to join a VIP list. We then drove traffic using Google AdWords, including display ads and search ads to help raise awareness and target users based on their intent. We also created a Facebook Page and drove traffic through Facebook Ads. We created “look-alike” audiences based on the VIP list, allowing us to extend the reach of the campaign.

Using our strategy, the builder received an average of 73 leads per month. Even better, they sold 30% of the community in just 4 months!

See It Live

Interested to see this project live? Request the case study for this builder and see it all live!

PC Mockup of home builder website


Not just different. better.

Of course, all the certifications in the world don’t mean much if you can’t back it up. Fortunately, we can.Our deep understanding of the homebuilding and construction industries gives us unique insights into what your customers want, what they’re looking for, and how to attract them to your business.

How much better? Well, one construction company we work with went from only 2 leads/week to a massive 17 leads/week using a custom digital marketing strategy that included Google AdWords and Google Local Services.

That’s an increase of 850 percent!

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Is Google Advertising A Good Investment in your business?

Homebuilding, construction and remodeling services isn’t an always easy sell. There are many factors that go into attracting and closing customers. But even the best sales people can struggle if their leads aren’t qualified.

house made of paper dollar bills

With Google Ads you can pre-qualify customers quickly and affordably

Here’s How:

How to pre-qualify real estate leads with google ads

Landing pages can ask specific questions to help ensure the leads are qualified, or your sales people can further qualify leads when conducting follow-up.

Even if someone doesn’t complete the lead capture form, we can continue to market to them using retargeting!

Tell us your goal

We’ll tailor your ad based on the results you want. And, no matter which advertising goal you choose, Google Ads can help you across the board.

Sell more homes

So, is a custom Google Ads strategy a good investment in your business? Ultimately, our experience has proven that a successful Google Ads campaign can generate more qualified leads in less time—and at a lower cost—than many traditional marketing channels.

In other words—YES!

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead
of Your Competition

people in the office discussing work

Did you know that Google Ads can give you a leg up on your competition? It’s true! Google Ads is an excellent vehicle to keep your brand name in front of potential customers, even when they’re searching for your competitors! What’s more, with an Google Ads expert in your corner, you’ll be able to ensure your budget performs at optimal levels. That means more leads at a smaller cost per lead. With an optimized marketing budget, you’ll be able to take on the competitors head on without flinching.

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